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Teaching Studio

Inside the heart there are sounds....

rhythms, feelings, emanating in tone color.


Find a clear moment of heart,

bring those sounds from the inner world to the ears of others,

and, if those others join me in the music from my center,

some new kind of beauty has come into being.

How many times has my heart turned colors while listening to the musics of other people, 
seeing a special look, 
          hearing a moving phrase of speech? 
          How many countless worlds of heart have I shared in? 
          And, if I can bring out music which shares this with others, how pleased I would be.

Some say that the human heart, full of yearning, wounds and dreaming, 
          that the human heart is just singing the rounds of karmic life, 
          the samsaric wheel, 
          round and round. 
          Smack! P'at!! 
But let me not disturb such thinking, rather, playing along, I say 
if it is impossible to bring clear sound from an ordinary heart like mine, 

          if I only coax others to feel 
          loves, sorrows and petty excitements, 
at least there is the magic distance crossed, from one being to another.

Once, walking in the Australian bush, a kangaroo emerged from behind a group of trees, and she and I beheld each other eye to eye. She stared, and within that gaze I saw such disinterest. Yet I was captivated. That is the difference, we humans are interested, we are made for the exchange.

In the act of exchange, some new kind of beauty comes into being.

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