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In a way a musician's instruments are just that, instruments for making sound, like a cook's pots are important but never the focus of the dinner.  On the other hand, a musician's instruments also represent a quest for individual sound.  My instruments are both.  Because some of them are unusual choices, of interest to some other woodwind artists, I am naming them here.  When you have a special instrument, the spirit of the maker is present as you practice and perform, participating with you in complex ways.  

Tenor Saxophones: 
Selmer Balanced Action 31,xxx; early brass Dukoff mouthpiece 7+ 
Selmer Mark VI 68,xxx; pre-usa Otto Link 8*

Selmer Mark VI 61,xxx

Selmer Mark VI 168,xxx

Alto Saxophone 
Selmer Mark VI 65,xxx gold plated, New York Meyer Bros 6

Soprano Saxophones: 
Rampone & Cazzani saxello (2004), gold plated, with Yanagisawa mouthpiece (7, 8 and a 9, all custom finished) or Selmer old style round chamber rubber F 
Rampone fully curved soprano, matte gold plate (2005)

Yamaha prototype soprano, silver plated


I never set out to collect flutes.  All my flutes are for performance use.  Each one convinces me it is the very best way to make a flute, while I am playing it.  Of course there are a few I rely on most.  When playing flutes like these, the maker is a constant friend, exerting a strong and wise influence that is somehow built into the silver.


Louis Lot #2146, French silver, built in 1875, original head and lip plate, scale retuned by Nick Crabb

Louis Lot #2826 silver plated maillechort  

Louis Lot #60xx silver plated maillechort 

Louis Lot #7786 French silver

Louis Lot, wood, Villete period 

Bonneville #1813, French silver, built around 1880, all original scale and headjoint, Dorus G# key

Bonneville #752, French silver, original lip plate, scale adjusted with inserts only by Gary Lewis

Bonneville #16xx, French silver, original head and lip plate, tuning-adjusted

Bonneville #3718, French silver, B-foot, tuning-adjusted, original head and lip plate

Rive #200, French silver, built around 1870, all original, formerly owned by Tom Nyfenger

Rive #1963, French silver

Lebret silver plated maillechort 

Powell piccolo built in 1973

Haynes piccolo built in 1960

Bonneville picollos #2402 & #2761, Louis Lot piccolo 

Rudall Carte alto flute, built in London , 1920s

George Haynes alto flute, built in New York City , 1920s

Rudall Carte bass flute, built in London , 1960

George Haynes Eb soprano flute, 1920s




I use a variety of Buffet clarinets with Chedeville mouthpieces, a modern Chedeville copy, a Cicero Kasper, and a few other things.  A Buffet Eb, and a Selmer low C Bass Clarinet, with a Selmer mouthpiece remade by Everett Matson.  



I use Moenig recorders of various fine woods and vintages.

Various world flutes and whistles.



I use Sibelius notation program, Digital Performer sequencing and audio recording, with a matched pair of Royer 121 ribbon microphones.  


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