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Teaching Studio

Qi Gong Instruction

I offer a limited schedule of qigong instruction, in private session and small groups.  The groups are curriculum based while the individual sessions focus on what a person requests or what I recommend, similar to an herbal formula or dietary prescription, based on pulse findings and other classical diagnostics. For classes and schedule contact me here


I have been practicing qigong and meditation for three decades and have been teaching a select group of dedicated students for many years.  

The inner workings of Qigong (including the internal alchemical work) opened for me through studying classical Chinese Medicine (qigong, tai chi, herbal medicine, dietary medicine, Daoist meditation, healing with stones, feng shui and more) with Jeffrey Yuen, Daoist priest and 88th generation master of the Jade Purity tradition.  Much of the qigong I teach is from Jeffrey’s lineage, most importantly (but not at all only) the Alchemical Qigong and the Bone Marrow Qigong.  Jeffrey’s lineage is primarily through his grandfather/mentor, Yu Wen, who was raised in a monastery on Hua Shan, later becoming abbot and a very important teacher of Daoist practices and internal martial arts.  With that exposure, my studies with Kwan Sai-Hung, who trained on Hua Shan in the 1930s-1940s, have also been extraordinarily illuminating.  Many other teachers generously contributed their specialties in qigong and various systems of tai chi.  I have been a student of the private Yang family Tai Chi as taught by H. Won Gim, a direct lineage holder of what some have considered a lost transmission.  These studies have been very influential and inspiring.  I am also an avid student of Namkhai Norbu (a very important master of the Dzogchen teachings, the Complete Perfection tradition of Tibetan Buddhism).

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