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I am currently completing a book on Food Energetics, presenting a broad range of information on hundreds of common (and some less common) foods.  Each is described for its energetic properties according the Dietary branch of classical Chinese Medicine— an ever-evolving scholarly tradition started over two thousand years ago.  In brief, each food is treated as an herb, having a unique set of influences that interact with the physical, emotional and mental levels of the individual who eats it.  The significance of the traditional teachings are explained for the interested non-expert, in other words, for anyone who eats or cooks foods.  Also included for each food is a summary of Western nutritional findings, something on each food’s history (some have amazing stories) and cooking recommendations.  Although not a cookbook, recipes are embedded throughout to make home preparation easy and delicious.  


The book is designed to be used in many different ways.  From non-cook to chef, skeptic to practitioner, opening any page can present ideas for tonight’s dinner or information to adjust meals to meet our constantly changing needs.  Food energetics are surprisingly accessible and offer an authentic entry into one of the world’s greatest (and oldest) healing traditions. This is not a diet book, it is not a list of ‘must have’ or ‘must avoid’ foods.  It is an entertaining and thorough resource for understanding the influences of diet on total health and how to support ever changing physical and emotional needs with food.  


Information on its completion and publication will be posted here, as well as excerpts and recipes.   


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