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The Dietary Consultation

The purpose of writing a major book on food energetics is to provide enough information (and inspiration) for anyone, novice to chef, to support their own health and the health of those for whom they cook, in a deeply informed way.  It is essential to offer not only advice on ‘healthy’ foods but also a framework for understanding how foods work.  No foods are always good or always bad; indeed, the same food can be appropriate or not depending on the specific health needs of an individual.  Sometimes it is helpful to work in person, and for this the dietary consult can be indispensable.  A dietary consult consists of first listening to what you present to me of your health concerns and aspirations, then doing a pulse and tongue diagnosis in classical method.  Based on these findings, we discuss what is going on and organize new ways to cook and eat.  If desired, we include prescriptive qigong exercises, meditations, and health-supportive teas.  During the process we assess which foods are best to include or avoid within the major categories of foods and cooking methods. 


The major foods are:


   Leafy Vegetables

   Root Vegetables/Tubers

   Fruits & Sweets



   Nuts & Seeds

   Kitchen Herbs & Spices

   Cooking Oils

   Mushrooms & Sea Vegetables

   Animal Foods



   Land Animals




The consultation is your time to spend as you choose; some clients ask for cooking instruction for specific meals, restaurant or travel strategies, advice on cooking for kids, or help supporting acupuncture or Western medical treatments with diet.  For some, diet is a primary method for working through issues, for others, it is supportive.  Above all, the private consult is a chance to bring dietary clarity to your specific needs. 

I offer dietary consults by appointment in NYC.  Click here to contact me.


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