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Photo by Bob Palmieri

What the Press has to say.


About Andrew’s featured role in the 2012-2014 world tour of Einstein on the Beach by Philip Glass and Robert Wilson: 


Wall Street Journal:

“Standout solo moments include Andrew Sterman’s powerful tenor saxophone solo in Building.”


New York Times:

“notable solo turns ... the roar that Andrew Sterman brought to the tenor saxophone solo in Building”


Opera Britannia (London):

“…immeasurably lifted by Andrew Sterman’s gloriously raspy, soaring tenor saxophone solo.”


London Jazz:

“...a lengthy and fiery tenor sax solo extemporization by Andrew Sterman –– part of the Philip Glass Ensemble for 20 years –– beautifully played…”


The Stage (London):

"...the music reaches a Dionysian energy in the tenor saxophone playing of Andrew Sterman in the Building scene...."


From the London Observer:

"The level of concentration required to perform this work defies imagination.  All the musicians, conducted by Glass veteran Michael Riesman and including a virtuosic tenor sax solo by Andrew Sterman, showed exemplary stamina as well as musicality...."


International Review of Music:

“Andrew Sterman, in Act Four, brought a reflective, human scale to the entire evening –– a poetic musing of American streets and sounds.”


From The National Post (Canada):

"The tableau called Building featured a searing (and exciting) tenor saxophone solo by Andrew Sterman over the regulation minimalist beat. This sequence was a masterpiece."


from The Charlebois Post (Toronto):

"On the opening night, a virtuosic saxophone solo by Andrew Sterman during the Building scene..."


San Francisco Chronicle:

“Andrew Sterman’s wailing, soulful tenor saxophone solo during the Building scene feels like a dispatch from an entirely different cosmos”


from Toronto NOW:

"What makes Einstein On The Beach so thrilling an experience is witnessing the various kinds of virtuosity: Jennifer Koh’s bravura violin playing and Andrew Sterman’s tenor sax solo are simply breathtaking...."


Backstage, NYC

“Andrew Sterman’s stirring saxophone solo in the final act captures, for me, the secret spirit of the event: From under a cloud of war, technological chaos, and bureaucratic metastasis comes the sound of life and a vision of persistent optimism.”



What Philip Glass says:

“Andrew Sterman is a marvelous performer/composer who has made a specialty of straddling the worlds of composition and improvisation. His muses are the great twins of the musical arts, the ear and the heart, and he follows them with skill and subtlety.”


About Wet Paint   Innova Recordings 771

all compositions by A. Sterman


“The spiritual serenity we’ve come to expect from Andrew Sterman is pervasive here. However, also as we’d expect, the music is mostly devoid of self-indulgence or ethereal formlessness. Questing is the dominant motif.  Sterman has a clear, tubular tone which he enriches with timbral and emotional flexibility.”   Jazz Times


“Andrew Sterman possesses a broad musical vernacular.  Soulful, commanding, a vivid sense of authority… a superb compositional pen, sometimes painting a picture of lament and tenderness, when not soaring toward a spiritual apex of sorts.  A consortium of beguiling perspectives….”


“Forward moving modern jazz of the best sort….” Gapplegate Music Review





About The Path To Peace   Orange Mountain Music OMM0045

all compositions by A. Sterman


“Here’s some music with a vision. Sterman has put together a gorgeous Raphael-like tapestry of music that is embracing on a myriad of levels. The sextet includes moving contributions from violinist Todd Reynolds, as well as complex rhythm work by the rhythm section. Sterman’s tenor, in particular, is warm and room filling in its power.”

- Jazz Times


About Blue Canvas With Spiral    Breath River Music BRM 1813

all compositions by A. Sterman  2003


“Sterman’s tenor rings out stirringly, soulfully, and praises life’s joys… exhilarating…”  All About Jazz

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