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Wet Paint


Released by Innova Records (©2011)


A set of loosely related compositions for improvisors. Some are carefully scored, others wide open, played from fragments of form.  With Todd Reynolds (violin), Richie Vitale (trumpet), Mick Rossi (piano), Kermit Driscoll (bass), Tim Horner (drums).  


For Kermit

Opening (full track, mp3, 5:33)

Satyagraha (excerpt, mp3, 1:11)

The Path to Peace


Released by Orange Mountain Music (© 2007)



"Sterman bites off a giant piece

of music with this Gandhi

tribute- and then quickly proves that it's not more than he can chew. Deeply contemplative but also highly melodic."

                     — Boston Herald


"Here's some music with a vision.

A gorgeous Raphael-like tapestry

of music... Sterman's tenor is warm and room-filling in its power."

                     — JazzTimes


"The eight pieces layer the clear, elegant sax neatly on top of piano, violin, guitar, bass and percussion. [At times] emotionally dense, but the rule of the day is easy flowing grace."

                     — Tom Hull


Blue Canvas with Spiral


Released by Breath River Music (© 2003) 



Nine compositions by Andrew, with Fred Hersch, Rashied Ali, Steve Rodby, Erik Friedlander, Bob Palmieri, Mick Rossi, Mark Walker and others.


Philip Glass: Saxophone


Orange Mountain Music (©2002)


Philip's Saxophone CD features Andrew performing the world premier of the 30 minute solo piece Melodies For Saxophone, for soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones, the saxophonists of the Philip Glass Ensemble performing Windcatcher, and the Saxophone Quartet, performed by the Rascher Quartet.


To read more or purchase Philip Glass: Saxophone click here




Released by Ictus Records (©2014)


A Duo recording of free improvisations with musical
themes Bob provided on
liturgical sources.



"It is music that creates synergies between old and new, traditional and modern, very moving and satisfying to hear.  Gluck and Sterman create some phenomenal music!"   

       —Gapplegate Music Review

The Well (mp3, 8:45)

Fish Love That


Produced by Neil Rolnick

Deep Listening Publications (©2002)


Fish Love That was a deep improvising band that performed periodically in and around New York for a group of fans who came to be surprised. 
Featuring three pieces for tenor saxophone, flute & bass flute, composed and performed by Andrew, with Todd Reynolds, violin, Ron Horton, trumpet, Steve Rust, bass, Dean Sharp, percussion, and Neil Rolnick, synthesizer and samples.

To read more or purchase Fish Love That, produced by Neil Rolnick, click here

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